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I’ve had a few other websites over the years, but recently I have decided to scrap all of them and start over from scratch.   Technomage.io is the first page I have been working with and it is primarily dedicated to Information Security, Security Research, Hacking, Maker Projects and Technology that I’m interested in. The plan is to use it as a repository for all of my projects as well as the helpful information I collect along the way.  I’d expect the page to go through several changes over time, but right now it is a simple WordPress site.   I’d appreciate it if you didn’t try to hack it as I haven’t spent the time to try and create a secure site,  the only value to the site is the information that it will contain.

I’ll work on this page as I have time,  so you may see bursts of activity and then periods where nothing changes for awhile.  That’s life and I have so many things I’m always trying to get done I can’t devote all my time to keeping the site updated constantly but I will do my best.

So thanks for stopping in and as more content is added I hope you find it interesting, or at least useful.

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