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This page is currently under active development but due to my busy schedule it has been neglected and is currently lacking a lot of content and design.    I will continue to update the page and you can expect to find information related to Information/Cyber Security,  Hacking, Maker Projects,  and other topics related to my interests.

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Information/Cyber Security and Privacy

This section is devoted to information security content.   Check here for articles, book reviews, and other information that will be of interest to anyone seeking more information on Information Security,  Cybersecurity, Privacy, or other security topics and trends.

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Hacking, Security Research And Penetration Testing

This section is devoting to hacking and penetration testings.  From the latest exploits to helpful tools and guides.   This section is for educational purposes only and we are not responsible if you misuse the information.

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This section contains information on maker projects, electronics, raspberry pi's, robotics and anything else that involves gears, gizmos and lasers.

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